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Breathe in Ladies and Gentlemen pleaseů

When Chepstow Plant Services moved their first of 5 new Komatsu HD785’s into a large UK quarry recently there wasn’t a lot of room for much else on the roads. Not something you would usually find on the roads in the UK, these trucks are more likely to be found in the mining industry in Australia or Africa.

These new trucks go to work to replace fairly low houred HD785’s that will be making their way back to Chepstow’s yard in Newport shortly for preparation to sell.

The movement of these huge beasts, nearly 100 tonnes each, is a logistical nightmare and takes weeks of careful planning and arrangements in place to ensure that road disruption is at a minimum. However I don’t know about you but I don’t think me and my little car would argue with something like that coming the other way – In fact there isn’t much on the road that would!