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“The barometer of industry – Construction”

21st April 2012

Is the construction industry a sign of what’s to come for other industries? If it is then the future looks bright!  We have seen Caterpillar invest £50 million in their UK production plants and JCB report their biggest turnover in 66 years (37% greater than in 2010) the plant industry in the UK certainly seems to be coming back to life.

Demand though is not being driven by the UK construction industry it’s being driven by a huge demand overseas - Africa, Australia and the BRIC countries are hungry for plant.  Jon Williams Managing Director of Chepstow Plant Services has always believed that construction is the barometer of industry in general, showing the first signs of trouble and then the first signs of recovery.  “The UK is now entering a period of doing what we do best – trading; we are a nation of traders be it our own products or those supplied by others we have always been good at sourcing and supplying - trading worldwide.”Just arrived PC800-8

In the last four years Chepstow Plant’s international business has quadrupled and continues as we continue to source the best machines for specialist projects in Africa and Australia amongst other places.  As yet another 80+ tonne machine (a Komatsu PC800) arrives in the yard for preparation to sell, the last few years have been tough but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.  We are seeing a much more competitive spirit and drive in the UK and we really welcome it - things are definitely looking up!